Contrary to popular belief, "Los Toros" need not be full of blood and death. The "fiesta nacional" contains lots of color, beauty and grace. Here are a few examples:

The “suit of lights” is just that, it almost glows on a sunny day. They are finely

embroidered costing on the average $12,000 although some can cost much more. Each is tailor made for the matador, using cross grained layers of cloth to hinder a horn penetration.

The traditional Osborne Toro has become both a national symbol and world recognized icon for Spain. This one has been done up to please the eye and holds secret motifs. Look closely, what is special about this bull?

“BAD DAY” is my best selling poster. EVERY OFFICE should have a copy. Some days THINGS just happen. In fact, this is a very dangerous pass as the toro comes straight out from the dark confines of his pen into the direct sunlight and is totally discombobulated! The man placing himself in front of the gates of death makes himself a sacrificial target.

El Fandi finished no 1 last year meaning he participated in more corridas and festivals than anyone else. He should have been number one the year before but got severely gored. Fandi is an example of the new type of "athlete torero". He was Spain´s National giant slalom ski champion before taking up the cloth to become a matador. David Fandila is from Granada where he has been carried out of the Puerta Grande twenty five out of twenty six corridas. Unheard of, unprecedented, in a word, he is spectacular and will take your breath away. He can actually run backwards, allowing the bull to gain ground on him and then step aside and put in banderillas. Totally valiant he can make you fearful of what might happen next.
Cristina Sanchez is making a Comeback. She filled Madrid’s cathedral, Las Ventas, some years Back, retured to have children, and now seeks the fame and adulation again. A charming woman who wants to challenge Spain’s macho image “her way”!

Jose Tomas was the greatest. Better than Manolete, better than any

Torero I have ever seen. He got gored on the average every third time he entered the plaza. People used to joke he spent more time in the air than on the ground. But, he fought honestly, more truthful than any torero I have witnessed in my life. He used the old Sevillana style of Belmonte's "make the bull constantly move around him. Make the bull adjust to the matador --proving absolute dominion". Mysteriously he quit on the same day as Curro Romero retired. Jose Tomas just walked out and never came back. But we are waiting. Just like we always waited for Curro to do something!


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